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Napa Valley ~ Robert Mondavi Winery

Tasting the wine.

No, I didn't drunk all these... But I wish!

Wherever there's an owl I will be there taking a photo with him.


On the Way to Napa Valley ~ Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest ~ A Sight to Behold.
In this forest are the largest petrified trees in the world.
Here, turned to stone are gigantic redwoods as large as
105 feet in length and varied in diameter.
Glowing with beauty in the petrified wood are rich deposits
of minerals, crystal, wood opal, obsidian, silica and others.
Out of trees of stone grow oaks and firs, and from the
ancient volcanic ash, which forms a sanctuary for the forest,
spring living trees oncluding white, black and live oak,
fir trees, 100 year old red-barked manzita, toyon, laurel, madrone and chaparral.
Since 1871, the quiet beauties of this forest have attracted scientists
students and tourists from all over the world.

And the trip begins...
Napa Valley, here we go!!!....

Yosemite ~ 20-21 September ~ Nature Weekend!

We should had left some food outside,
We didn't saw any bear around :(

Mule deer ~ Rattle-Snake ~ Squirrel

Wild life. They where around us all the time...

This is the Lower Fall of Yosemite Waterfalls.
:( Yes I know... There's no water...

Amazing view!

Can you see the rock up there?
RAINBOW on the way back home.

House Party ~ Kulin

Just bring some drinks and let's go party!!!

Indian Dance

Swati (my Cisco mentor), Vitor, Pedro and Me!

Nish, Angelo, Vitor, Me, Lena and Pedro.